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Gender ______ Age______ Birthday______________School ____________________

Home address _________________________________________________________

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Allergies (if any)_________________________________________________________

Please circle session of choice:

  • Wednesday Sessions:
    • Mommy & Me (for child age 3 and up w/ a parent): Weds 4-5pm
    • Little Picasso class (age 7-9): Weds 5:15 to 6:15pm
  • Sunday Sessions:
    • Tiny Monet class (age 4-6): Sunday 10:00 to 11am
    • Little Picasso class (age 7-9): Sunday 11:15am to 12:15pm

Tuition: $100 (monthly fee based on 4 lessons per month, all art materials are included). A one time $20 registration fee per child is applicable.

Please visit email: if you have any questions.

Sibling discount of $10 is offered when more than 1 kid is signed up. There are also multiple classes and referral discounts. Please ask for more details. Tuition can be paid by Cash/Check (Payable to Larine Chung)

Class fee $___________________________  Start date ________________________


  • Classes are on-going and your child can sign up anytime in the month. If you enroll after a class has begun, tuition will be pro-rated. Class meets once a week.
  • If your child is absent due to sickness or family matter, you will receive a make-up class coupon. Please notify your teacher a day before class if your child will be absent. If a teacher is sick, we will have substitute teacher for the class or will notify you 12 hours prior to class cancellation. A make-up class will be scheduled.
  • Please pick up your child no more than 15 minutes after the end of the class time.
  • For every bounced check, there will be a $20 fee.
  • One free preview class is offered for all students trying out a class for the first time.  $20 registration fee will be waived if the child is signed up within 5 days after preview class.

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Please sign if you give permission for EAC to take photo/video clips of your child to be published and advertised in our marketing materials.

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