About EAC

Eastside Artists Collaborative is an art organisation with the vision of bringing artists community closer thru offering collaboration opportunity between artists with different background and encouraging idea, techniques exchange.
It started with me simply trying to find a group studio on the Eastside and snowballed into this art organisation, Eastside Artist Collaborative, EAC. Though its a small organisation, we are currently offering model sessions each week,  6 individual studios, two group studios for 12 resident artists, drawing and painting classes and worklshops for all ages and levels. EAC is committed to bring the eastside art community together through providing a platform for artists to meet and collaborate.

We believe in artistic growth thru collaboration, learning from artists with different background and sharing our unique vision with the community. If you share the same belief as we do, you could join us thru different events or just come drawing and paint with us!
Address: 12650 Northup Way, Bellevue WA 98005
For questions, please contact: eacstudio@hotmail.com