Drawing demo from Russian Artist – Olga Kiehn on October 5th Sunday 1:30-4:30pm

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Drawing Demo from Russian artist – Olga Kiehn

October 5th Sunday from 1:30-4:30pm

$40 for 3 hours of portrait drawing demo.

This will be a 2 parts demo with a painting demo. following the drawing demo on a separate date. The painting demo date will be announced later.

For registration, please contact eacstudio@hotmail.com

Olga Kiehn –

Russian art training is very similar to ballet or gymnastics where talented children are selected at very young age to attend specialized schools, later colleges and ultimately an academy.

I started my art training at the age 9 in the art school for children. I continued my studies and  received my BA from Penza College of Fine Arts and then entered Moscow’s Stroganoff Art Academy for my Masters in Industrial Arts.

To understand a different  teaching approaches and methods I spend time studying with Kamille Corry to learn about the methods taught in the Florence Art Academy. Also, I spent over a year in New York’s Grand Central Academy studying French Classical Art technics and copying Old Masters at the Metropolitan Museum.

As an artist combine all this training  and knowledge  to bring the best of the traditional classical Russian, Italian and French art schools.