EAC studio presents Toby Hall

toby hallFor information, please contact info@eacstudio.com

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Journey I, Donald Phan solo show

katy_workshop2Please come join this opening party for EAC artist, Donald Phan, celebrating his art journey with us.

Date: January 18th 2014 Saturday

Time: 6pm to whenever

Venue: EAC studio (please see direction)

Donald has been studying with Larine Chung since June 2011 and has been one of the anchor students here at EAC. He has a delicate yet vibrante art sensibility combining with strong techniques. As he is relocating to California, this show is not only a celebration of his excellent works, also a farewell to a good painter! Hope you have a happy and successful career in art!

2013 Holiday Party photos


photo 1 photo 4 photo 5Image


Thank you all for coming to EAC annual holiday party and art sale! It was a great turn out! We have each guest awards two stickers to two of their favourites paintings in the show. Guess how many stickers we handed out…. 258! It was such a good feeling to see all the familiar faces and know that we worked hard in 2013 and produced some memorable art pieces.