Adventure Time!

Here are some pictures from the Art Challenge V: Adventure time, Curated by Niles Doubleday. The quality of works is impressive, but the mind blowing thing is definitely the Rainbow Painting Project Game! An actual interactive game!!!! The participating artists are: Philip Branesky, Natalie Burke, Francisco Cruz, Niles Doubleday, Lianne Cruz Horrath, Paul Konzer,  Doug Juno, Todd Juno, Donald Phan, Derrick Ngo, Corrine Scrivens, Rusty Scrivens, Beverly Villarreal. More pictures of the art pieces will be upload soon, so stay tuned 🙂

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WP_003620 WP_003619 WP_003595 WP_003594 WP_003590 WP_003586 WP_003685 WP_003686 WP_003688 WP_003584 WP_003583 WP_003582


Workshop pic of Alexander Sasha Zimin

WP_003438Sasha Zimin, renoun painter from Russia conducted a still life oil painting workshop at EAC studio for the past weeks and resulted in stunning paintings and lots of learning! WP_003446 WP_003457 WP_003464 WP_003473 WP_003477 WP_003518 WP_003525 WP_003532 WP_003546 WP_003552 WP_003557 WP_003566 WP_003568 WP_003569