Introducing new EAc studio artist – Kristie Smith


Kristie Smith works in both oil and acrylic. Kristie thinks of her subjects as metaphorical landscapes, on the one hand solid objects and places but imbued with emotion and story.  Kristie is drawn moments of change, the shift between order an chaos. She try to find a point of view onto a scene that allows her, and the viewer, to see what is happening without being  consumed by it.  When not in the studio Kristie work as a graphic designer. For more information, please visit Kirstie’s website at

Rainbow painting project

WP_003607Here’s all the info for the Adventure Time game showed at the art show titled RPP (Rainbow Painting Project). Here are the names of everyone who worked on this project :
Natalie Burke, Murshed Choudhury, Patrick Feller, Caitlin Pollard, and Kiran Purushothaman.

Here is the control scheme (Wii remote) for the version linked:
WASD for moving Lady Rainicorn
Mouse to aim, left click to shoot
middle mouse scroll to change colors
Q to shoot random color
E to reorient
Shift plus left or right (A or D) to barrel roll
Space for speed boost.

Natalie hosts a playable version here:

Try it, pretty awesome!!