A few small thoughts…. by Kristie Smith

Please join us for EAC resident artist, Kristie Smith’s solo exhibition “A few small thoughts…” opening reception on Friday evening February 26th, 6-8Pm. Smith will be showcasing her recent creative works and bellow is in her own words.
-A few small thought s… 
These are two series of small scale oil paintings, one based on imagined scenes, the other on words. They are based on matches and burnt debris which I sift through, kind of like tea leaves, looking for an image or word to express deep ambivalence about the way I live in this always striving for more-better-bigger way of life.
A few small thoughts on self-destruction

This series of tromp l’oeil paintings is based on scenes I create using matches and debris.

“House Fire” shows a house composed of matches next to a small pile of spent matches –  is it ambivalence about home ownership?  Or a metaphor how fragile our world is, always on the brink of destruction?  

 “I did it to myself” is a self-portrait of my self-destructive tendencies. Hair on fire, body burnt and a small bit of potential for either repair or destruction left in one hand.

 “Campfire” is mostly about the fun of tromp l’oeil painting and playing with perspective in a two-dimensional image.

Dirty Words

This is a series of words that are both positive and negative.

For example the word “Yes” can be the  energizing breath that moves one forward, or the excessive surrender of self to outside demands.

“Why?” is both a simple question of motive and a cry of despair.

“Sure” is a way of avoiding having to yes or no to another person, a failure to be fully honest.  


Kristie Smith is an artist and graphic designer living in Kirkland. Her work reflects a fascination with landscape, structures, lines, symbol systems, and the attempt to create order in an unstable world.

New Year celebration

In celebration of our 5th year, EAC resident artists organized a one day only show ” Artists as collectors” and showcased our own masterworks collections. It was such a treat to come across amazing works by Steven Asseal, Tony Ryder, Juliette Aristides, Zhaoming Wu etc.

Zhaoming Wu workshop

EAC studio will be hosting distinguish artist Zhaoming Wu workshop. We are so looking forward to learn from him!


Zhaoming Wu was born in China and grew up in Guangzhou City. He received his BFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and later earned his MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Since 1983, he has been exhibiting his work in Asia, Europe, The United States and other countries around the world. He has won a number of awards, including the Merit Award at the 6 th National Art Exhibition in Beijing, the Gustafson Fund Award, The National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society Award, 1st Place in the 9th Biennial National Figure Painting and Drawing Exhibition and the Daler-Rowney Award from the Oil painters of America.

He has long been active both as an artist and a teacher. He is currently a painting instructor at the Academy of Art University. His work has been featured in numerous magazines, and a book of his paintings and drawings has been compiled and published. 

EAC studio update

Amazing artist Tony Ryder was in town teaching a workshop at Gage and I am very lucky to be able to spend some time with him. Tony is one of the best artist and teaWP_20151202_001 (1)cher there is! Tony Ryder has his own art school in Santa Fe. I think I paint and draw better with him in the studio. Check him out!!www.theryderstudio.com





Seattle art Museum also had a good show of impressionism grand masters works: Fantin Latour, Vuillard, Bonnard…. It was a fun show and worth seeing 🙂



Art By Vikram Madan: Dec 20 Art Show

Hello! You are invited to my 1st Annual Holiday Art Show (And Sale) being held at the EAC Studio on Dec 20th, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. – drop in anytime!

On display will be a number of my humorous and whimsical original Oils, Acrylics, and Ink Paintings, such as these:

In addition, for last minute holiday shoppers, I will also have holiday discounts on my hundreds (yes you read that right 🙂 ) of Prints, my 3 books, and highly affordable original art, including these framed ‘pen & ink paintings’ below:


Free parking. Warm-ish weather. Snacks. Funny art and books. Just C’mon By! 🙂

More details here.

Facebook event here.