EAC studio presents Charlotte Scherer and Marcela Kofranek’s graduation show


This is the brand new EAC studio blog and we are committed to bring you up to date news about our studio. To kick off the season, we are proudly presenting 2 EAC studio students, Charlotte Scherer and Marcela Kofranek graduation show. Both of them have been studying with EAC artist, Larine Chung for the past couple of years attending oil painting class weekly and diligently producing works of their own. This exhibition showcases their fruit and labor from the past years and will also give you a glimpse of insight for their future works. The show will be up on 7th June until 20th July, 2012 at the EAC gallery. Please come and join us at the opening reception on 8th June, 2012 from 4 to 7pm. There will be good art, music, artists, and lovely time!